Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Review of "Fool for Love" by Lisa Lees

I just finished the book Fool for Love by Lisa Lees (available at Amazon, or at, a self publishing site). The writing style was a rather choppy, and referenced a lot of things that most intersexuals already know, however I enjoyed reading it and would highly recommend it. Its always nice to see yourself in print, which doesn't happen very often for certain minorities.

Fool for Love is a love story between two high school students, an intersex girl, Jamie, and a genderqueer butch lesbian, Carys. What the book covered very well is the emotional complexities of relationships with intersexuals. Relationships are difficult enough for "normal" people; but for intersexuals, they are an emotional minefield.

Look on any intersex forum and you will see that intersex people have a lot of apprehension and angst about relationships. Their genitals have been a source of great emotional anguish, and sharing them with another is sometimes too painful.

This is why I liked Fool for Love, it showed that in spite of all these fears, love can prevail and intersexuals can have a happily ever after.

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