Tuesday, July 15, 2014

B is for Bathroom

Our B word for today is bathrooms.  I have written about bathrooms before, but it is an issue that many parents of intersex children are concerned about, so a short review is in order.

There is no reason parents should be concerned about public bathrooms.  There are privacy walls around the stalls (and in locker rooms, I changed this way all through high school).  There is no reason anyone has to find out you are intersex from a public bathroom. 

Sex segregated public toilets are required in all jurisdictions using the Uniform Plumbing Code.  The code does not ban additional unisex toilets, which are becoming more common.  This is good news for intersex, transgender and gender nonconforming people who are afraid or uncomfortable in a public bathroom.  Don’t sweat the bathrooms, you have every right to be there.  If you are uncomfortable for some reason, use the buddy system and bring a friend for protection.  

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