Thursday, August 28, 2014

D is for Demigender

Today our D word is demigender.  This is a very new identity, so new it is not widely known.  Demigender people only slightly identify with the sex they were raised as, but are not dysphoric and don’t wish to transition.  They are comfortable in their bodies and socially live as that gender, but don’t really identify with it (especially the social roles).  Personally I find this label fits my personal identity better than anything else I have heard. 

Many demigender people see their physical sex as a matter of random circumstance.  It is not something they feel needs changing, but is not an inherent part of their identities.  I think some intersex people see being intersex the same way.  If you consider reproduction an important part of your gender identity (and some heterosexual cisgender people do); then more intersex people might feel demigendered.  This is especially true if they had their gonads/uteri etc. removed.  Of course intersex people, like everyone else, can identify any way they want, including demigender.  In any case I think it’s an interesting identity, certainly worthy of a post.  Let me know if you have any ideas for topics.     

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