Tuesday, May 27, 2014

13 Tips for Parents of Intersex Children

  • 13. Protect your child, medical people, and even relatives will be curious, but they don't have to see everything, its not a freak show 
  • 12. Ask if the hospital has any referrals for support groups for people going through the same thing. 
  • 11. Realize intersex is not something that is “cured” it’s a lived experience. 
  • 10. Take care of yourself, ask for a referral to a therapist if you are feeling overwhelmed. 
  • 9. Realize there is no rush for treatment, most intersex conditions are not immediately dangerous.
  • 8. It’s OK to make mistakes, the gender on birth certificates can be changed for example. 
  • 7. If your doctors are not understanding, or pressuring you, it’s ok to get different doctors. 
  • 6. Not everyone will “get it” and that’s ok, give them time. 
  • 5. Don’t do anything irreversible, your child should have the right to choose what happens to their body. 
  • 4. Realize that it is ok to be different, you child can still have a wonderful life. 
  • 3. If you are worried how caregivers will react, you have the wrong caregivers. 
  • 2. Don’t be afraid to seek out more information on intersex, knowledge is power. 
  • 1. Love, support and accept your child, no matter how they identify.

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