Thursday, June 12, 2014

5 Reasons You Should Care About Intersex Rights

Intersex people make up such a small percent of the population that our concerns and issues are easily overlooked.  Here are 5 reasons why you should care about intersex rights.

~We are not scary
Even social conservatives who are opposed to homosexual and transgender issues can’t argue against intersex.  We certainly did not choose to be this way.  Most of us live as one gender and often live heterosexual lives.  We are not radicals, our demands are quite modest.  We are not a threat to anyone.  

~Diversity is a good thing
Diversity has become an HR buzzword for good reason.  The more variety of people and experiences you have, the more innovative and creative your organization is.  It also inoculates you against groupthink.  Intersex surgeries and secrecy decrease human diversity.  

~ It is honest
The oppression of intersex people is based on the lie that that everyone is born biologically male and female.  This is obviously not true.  Isn’t it better to have an honest society?  The truth will set you free.

~ We all deserve to choose our fate
Would you like to be non-consensually subjected to surgery that had not medical benefit?  What if this surgery would greatly impact your sexual functioning and determine how society will treat you?  No one would want such a thing to happen to them.  We should all get to decide what happens to our bodies.

~ You could be intersex

There are many people who don’t realize they have an intersex condition until puberty or when they try to get pregnant.  There is a chance you could be one of us.

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