Thursday, June 5, 2014

Legal Hope for Intersex Rights

Some of you might be aware of this case in South Carolina (if no, I have posted several sites were you can read about it).  It is an older case, but so important I feel I must comment.  A baby boy, identified only as MC in legal documents, was placed for adoption.  As a ward of the state he was subjected to feminizing genital surgery.  Now he is eight years old and identifies as male.  His adoptive parents, Mark and Pam Crawford are suing the state of South Carolina over the nonconsensual surgery.  The courts have recently ruled that the case may move forward.

I am stunned and excited about this case.  These parents sound amazing and so accepting.  Fighting for their son when they are in a unique position to do so could do wonders for intersex people.  I have previously written about the legal aspects of intersex.  Legal remedies for intersex genital mutilations are hard to come by.  Intersex people who are angry about their surgery realize this long after the statute of limitations has expired.  Another problem is intersex surgery on infants is still an accepted standard treatment and thus is not considered malpractice.  They have quite an uphill battle to fight, but if they win, it would be a HUGE win for intersex rights in America.  Good luck to the Crawfords and their legal team.  I expect I will be writing more on this case again as it unfolds.!U945K

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